Ronald Corp

Conductor & Composer

The Playful pachyderm –

Classic Miniatures for bassoon and Orchestra

The Playful pachydermTHE PLAYFUL PACHYDERM

Laurence Perkins, bassoon
Catriona McKay, clarsach (track 5)
Richard Suart, baritone (track 18)

New London Orchestra
Ronald Corp, conductor

Total duration: 68′ 14″


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A selection of originals, classic arrangements and new versions by the soloist, Laurence Perkins, showing the bassoon’s different characters to fascinating effect.  The Gounod in track 14 is best known as the signature tune to the TV series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and is here given a suitably mock-lugubrious interpretation.  Elsewhere the music is sheerly melodious, as in the Swedish folk song of track 4 or atmospherically pastoral as in track 5, introspective (Fauré), and even vulnerable (Ravel).  By turns playful and quirkily grandiose in the two polkas and Carnival Fantasia, the final track sees the bassoon’s pachyderm instinct coming to the fore and only occasionally raising its snout from the trough!

Full tracklist:

1    Johann Wilhelm Ganglberger: Mein Teddybär ‘My teddy bear’ Polka
2    Elgar: Romance, Op. 62
3    Jean Baptiste Senaillé arr. Laurence Perkins: Allegro spiritoso
4    Anon – traditional, arr. Laurence Perkins: Gånglåt fran Äppelbo
5    Anon – traditional, arr. Laurence Perkins: Mist-covered mountains
6    Fauré arr. Laurence Perkins: Pièce
7    Gilbert Vinter arr. Laurence Perkins: The Playful Pachyderm
Vaughan Williams arr. Robert Stanton: Four Studies in English Folk-song:
8     No. 1 Spurn Point
9     No. 2 Van Dieman’s Land
10   No. 3 She borrowed some of her mother’s gold
11   No. 4 As I walked over London Bridge
12   Anon – traditional, arr. Laurence Perkins: Bonny at morn
13   Fred Godfrey: Lucy Long ‘Song, with original variations’
14   Gounod arr. Laurence Perkins: Marche funèbre d’une marionnette
15   Fučík arr. Laurence Perkins: Der alte Brummbär ‘The old grumbler’ Polka
16   Ravel arr. Arthur Hoérée: Pièce en forme de habanera
17   James Ord Hume: The Carnival Fantasia
18   J Quenton Ashlyn arr. Laurence Perkins: The Bassoon ‘Humorous Song’