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Conductor & Composer

Choral Singer's CompanionRonald Corp provides essential information for the singer, conductor and administrator about composers, specific works, technical terms, vocal technique and how to run a choir.

All this is brought together in an easily consulted format.

There is a wealth of advice on repertoire – including orchestrations and durations of works – and how to conduct successful rehearsals and build balanced concert programmes.

Warmly received when first published in 1987, the third edition (2006) has been thoroughly revised and updated, making it of paramount interest to all who participate in the world of choral singing, both amateur and professional.  The new edition includes a brand new Foreword and commendation by the eminent choral composer, John Rutter.  See the Foreword

The Companion offers a complete guide to a branch of music which is continuing to thrive despite the many changes in the world of music generally.

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