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Conductor & Composer


Spring 1This score is originally published by Oxford University Press and is available from the Banks Music archive service online store and other music outlets.  Please click on the ‘Banks Music’ button below to be taken to their website for further information.

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Programme Notes

Spring is the title of Shakespeare’s poem, ‘When daisies pied and violets blue’ from Love’s Labours Lost, Act V. Sc. ii.  Dating from 1995, this setting combines vitality with charm and, as with many other pieces for amateurs or young singers, deploys the Corp-ian trademark of canonic singing – the voices imitate each other’s lines a few beats later.  This makes for interesting and complex-sounding textures which are relatively easy to achieve.

A counterpart setting also from Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act V. Sc. ii depicting ‘winter’ comes in the form of When Icicles Hang by the Wall found in the Boosey and Hawkes anthology, Kaleidoscope.