Ronald Corp

Conductor & Composer

Press DhammapadaDhammapada is a choral piece of exceptional beauty and spirituality – a collaboration between renowned choral composer and Anglican priest, Ronald Corp, and Buddhist writer, Francis Booth.  Dhammapada – meaning “the path to the truth” – contains the words of the Buddha, compiled by his followers after his death 2,500 years ago.  It contains the Buddha’s key messages expressed in striking and beautiful images.  It is spiritual without being religious – a manual for living a good life.  Although it is the core text in Buddhism, it has never before been set to Western music.

‘Corp’s music is both meditative and inspiring, capturing perfectly the soothing and didactic nature of the Buddha’s words.  It is entrancing a cappella music, wonderfully performed by his new professional chamber choir, Apsara.  The eight choral movements are interspersed with recordings of bells from important Buddhist sites.  These two aspects of the work, as it was originally conceived, produce an effect of simplicity and wonderment, immediately transporting the listener to a more serene state of mind.’

Dhammapada received its world première at the CD launch concert in the Village Underground, Shoreditch, London on Sunday 6 February, 2011 in a presentation by Vignette Productions.

Full tracklist:

1    Sravasti 1
2    Buddham Saranam Gacchami
3    Mahabodhi 1
4    Homage
5    Sravasti 2
6    Dhammapada 1
7    Kushinagar
8    Dhammapada 2
9    Mahabodhi 2
10  Dhammapada 3
11  Ting-sha
12  Dhammapada 4
13  Sravasti 3
14  Dhammapada 5
15  Sarnath
16  Meditation on the Four Sublime States
17  Sravasti 4

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Performances of Dhammapada following the première:

14 June 2011: Apsara, Ronald Corp, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London

27 August 2011: (excerpts) National Youth Choir of Great Britain, Mike Brewer, Birmingham Town Hall

10 November 2011: The London Chorus, Ronald Corp,
St. Alban’s, Holborn, London

5 May 2012: The London Chorus, Ronald Corp, St. Bartholomew’s, Brighton (Brighton Fringe Festival)

7 July 2012: (excerpts) Wellensian Consort, Christopher Finch, Priory Church of St. Mary, Deerhurst, Glos. (Cheltenham Music Festival)