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A PDF file of the Complete Discography summarises the contents of all the discs and images of the cover art.  All recordings made by Ronald Corp are covered as well as CDs of his own music made by third parties.

Ronald Corp Complete Discography


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Alwyn, William

Bacewicz, Grażyna

Boughton, Rutland

Britten, Benjamin

Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario

Foulds, John

Fraser-Simson, Harold

Gideon, Miriam

Hahn, Reynaldo

Hurd, Michael

Jones, Sidney

Macfarren, George Alexander

Milhaud, Darius

Monckton, Lionel

Pierné, Gabriel

Poulenc, Francis

Prokofiev, Sergei

Roe, Betty

Satie, Erik

Sullivan, Arthur

Thomson, Virgil

Warren, Elinor Remick

‘American Classics’ series (Naxos) and the Milken Archive of Jewish Music

American Music

American Light Music Classics

Bassoon Miniatures

British Light Music Classics

Dan Godfrey Encores

European Light Music Classics

French Music

New London Children’s Choir 1

New London Children’s Choir 2

Victorian/Edwardian Light Music

Ronald Corp has recorded extensively for major record labels such as Hyperion, Naxos and Dutton Epoch, frequently with the New London Orchestra.  His series of  British Light Music Classics met with high critical praise and awards, and fostered two spin-off discs of European Light Music Classics and American Light Music Classics.  He has recorded two CDs of music devoted to the long-neglected John Foulds, and three to Arthur Sullivan – including the cantata, The Golden Legend, and his first full-length opera (libretto by F. C. Burnand), The Contrabandista.  Championing of popular composers from the Victorian/Edwardian eras is further evident in recordings of works by Lionel Monckton, Sidney Jones and Harold Fraser-Simson – all of whom were household names in their day.

In other ways, his repertoire is more eclectic and international – movie music by Virgil Thomson and works by his compatriot, Elinor Remick Warren; discs devoted to Satie, Milhaud, Poulenc, Pierné and Prokofiev; and a recording of four substantial pieces by the Polish composer, Grażyna Bacewicz.

With the New London Children’s Choir he has recorded an all-Britten disc, A Ceremony of Carols on Naxos, Betty Roe’s The Family Tree on the Somm label, and a compilaton disc that includes works of his own, Pigs Could Fly.  Their latest collaboration forms a concert of Michael Hurd’s jazz-inspired Pop Cantatas with their catchy and upbeat tunes and rhythms.  The Choir also contributes to A Hanukka Celebration in the Naxos ‘American Classics’ series.  The London Chorus feature on several of the discs including all the Sullivan recordings mentioned above.  With Ron as Chorus Master they sing on a CD of little-known works by William Alwyn alongside Vaughan Williams, Parry and York Bowen under the baton of John Wilson; and on a disc of Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s choral works again in the Naxos ‘American Classics’ series.

In 2010 Dutton Epoch released his world première recording of the opera, The Queen of Cornwall, by Rutland Boughton whose dream was to create an ‘English Bayreuth’ at Glastonbury. In July 15-17, he recorded for the same company music by Cecil Armstrong Gibbs with the BBC  Concert Orchestra.