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May the Lord Bless You and Keep YouMay the Lord Bless You and Keep You 1This score is published by Colla Voce and is available from their online store and other music outlets.  Please click on the ‘Colla Voce’ button below to be taken to their website for further information.
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Programme Notes

For the 2001 Hampstead and Highgate Festival I composed my large cantata Adonai Echad (‘The Lord is One’).  The work was written as a celebration of the shared literary and biblical heritage of Jews and Christians, and is based on the words of the Psalms of David and of Jewish poets of Medieval Spain.  ‘May the Lord Bless You and Keep You’ is sung by the children’s choir at the close of Part Two, and then by the whole choir at the end of the work.  There is also a version for SATB and keyboard.

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