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He Kicked the Chair

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Programme Notes

The text is by Stephen Mainwaring, an old school friend of Ronald Corp, who also supplied the poems for the song-cycle Country Matters which was released on CD in 2011 and for Things I didn’t say, to be released on a disc of choral music in 2012.

The song is in the range of all male voice types.  He Kicked the Chair was written in 2010 and is a tongue-in-cheek record of a family dispute between two brothers and a parent, the high tension reflected in the insistent, dissonant ostinato piano accompaniment which also punctuates and dramatizes the pauses in the dialogue.  The regular 4/4 meter gets tripped up by occasional bars of 3/8, suggesting the influence of jazz or Stravinsky, while blues-y cadences (F natural against a D7 chord) reinforce the darkly humorous feel of the piece.  This is a rare moment in the output of Ronald Corp where a somewhat angry drama is portrayed.

David M. Hoyle

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