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‘Each volume in this Faber Music series offers 20-30 minutes of choral music designed to assist all SATB choirs, large and small, amateur and professional, in imaginative concert programming.  Repertoire is drawn from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, as well as new commissions, with the emphasis on unavailable, unpublished or unknown material.  With expert guidance from Consultant Editor Simon Halsey, maximum practicality is ensured, making the Choral Programme Series an invaluable addition to the SATB concert repertoire.’

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Choruses Gilbert and Sullivan: Opera Choruses Vol. 1, 1991

Each of the two volumes contains six of the best choruses written for the stage by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan from some of their most popular Savoy Operas:

1.  Eagle high in cloudland soaring (Utopia Limited)
2.  Strange adventure (The Yeomen of the Guard)
3.  Brightly dawns our wedding day (The Mikado)
4.  Tho’ p’raps I may incur your blame (Iolanthe)
5.  I rejoice that it’s decided (The Sorcerer)
6.  I hear the soft note (Patience)

The pieces have been arranged to suit choral groups of any size.  Some of the pieces, originally composed for solo voice ensembles, are equally effective when sung ‘tutti’.  The arrangements provide fun and imaginative repertoire for choirs looking for lively and rewarding concert material.

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Choruses 1Gilbert and Sullivan: Opera Choruses Vol. 2, 1992

1.  When the buds are blossoming (Ruddigore)
2.  The world Is but a broken toy (Princess Ida)
3.  Try we life-long (The Gondoliers)
4.  Strange the views some people hold (The Grand Duke)
5.  A nice dilemma (Trial By Jury)
6.  Hail Poetry (The Pirates Of Penzance)

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Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Choruses 2English Edwardian Partsongs for upper voice, 1992

1.  It was a lover and his lass – Edward German
2.  Two Eastern Pictures: Spring – Holst
3.  Two Eastern Pictures: Summer – Holst
4.  The graceful swaying wattle – Frank Bridge
5.  The lark’s grave – Charles Stanford
6.  The ride of the witch – Charles Wood
7.  Mourn no moe – Peter Warlock



Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Choruses 3C.H.H. Parry: Seven Partsongs for SATB, 1993

1.  My soul, there is a country (Henry Vaughan)
2.  O love, they wrong thee much (Elizabethan)
3.  You gentle nymphs (Elizabethan)
4.  Love is a sickness (Samuel Daniel)
5.  Music, when soft voices die (P.B.Shelley)
6.  Since thou, O fondest (Robert Bridges)
7.  My delight and thy delight (Robert Bridges)



Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Choruses 4C.V. Stanford Seven Partsongs for SATB, 1992

Three partsongs to Elizabethan texts:
1.  Diaphenia
2.  Corydon, arise!
3.  Shall we go dance?

Four partsongs to texts by Mary E. Coleridge:

4.  When Mary thro’ the garden went
5.  The blue bird
6.  The haven
7.  Chillingham