Ronald Corp

Conductor & Composer

Four Elizabethan Lyrics

Four Elizabethan Lyrics programmThis score is originally published by Oxford University Press and is available from the Banks Music archive service online store and other music outlets.  Please click on the ‘Banks Music’ button below to purchase the score.

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Programme Notes

1   The Owl is Abroad
2   Golden Slumbers
3   Elegy for Himself
4   When Daffodils begin to peer

The set of Four Elizabethan Lyrics was commissioned from Ronald Corp as a result of Farnham Youth Choir winning the Sainsbury’s Youth Choir of the Year competition in 1992.  The first performance was in 1995.  The four songs are highly contrasting in style and mood: Ben Jonson’s ‘The Owl is Abroad’ starts the set, followed by  Thomas Dekker’s ‘Golden Slumbers’.  ‘Elegy for Himself’, written by Chidiock Tichborne as he awaited execution for treason at the age of 28 is a very poignant piece, contrasting sharply with Shakespeare’s ‘When Daffodils begin to peer’.