Ronald Corp

Conductor & Composer

Dab Godfrey Encores


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Ronald Corp, conductor

This is definitely not a CD to listen to in a half-hearted manner.  In spite of the ‘frothy’ nature of some of these ‘encores’ they are all to be savoured and enjoyed.  They may not shake the foundations of musical endeavour, but they are all good and worthy of their composers: they demand our interest.

John France, MusicWeb International

Full tracklist:

1    Ferdinand Hérold, Overture: Zampa
2    Byron Brooke,  Gee Whizz!
3    Percy Whitlock,  Carillon for organ & orchestra *
4    Cecil White,  A Sierra Melody
5    Dame Ethel Smyth,  The Boatswain’s Mate: Overture
6    Howard Flynn,  Clatter of the Clogs: A Novelty Fox-Trot
7    Sir Landon Ronald,  In an Eastern Garden (No. 2 from The Garden of Allah)

8    Armstrong Gibbs,  The Betrothal Ballet Music op. 34 *
9    Montague Birch,  Dance of the Nymphs
10  Ina Boyle,  The Magic Harp *
11  Montague Birch,  Intermezzo (Pizzicati)
12  Ludwig Pleier,  Karlsbad’s Dolls’ Dance (Karlsbader Puppentanz): Characteristic Piece
13  Rutland Boughton,  The Immortal Hour – Love Duet for orchestra (1913 arr. 1924)

*World première recordings

Released: October, 2011

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