Ronald Corp

Conductor & Composer

Country Matters

Programme Notes

1.   I heard they were opening the Zoo
2.   Bird Song
3.   Pleasures past
4.   Don’t go into the Kitchen
5.   There’s something sad
6.   Come into the Garden
7.   City of Wells

My passion for composition began in my school years in Wells, Somerset and I collaborated with a number of school colleagues including the poet Tony Peters, with whom I wrote a series of ‘rock operas’, and I set Steve Mainwaring’s poetry, including a set for voice and violin which I first performed while an undergraduate at Christ Church, Oxford: I was the tenor soloist and the violinist was Wyn Davies, now a distinguished conductor.  Country Matters [poems of Mainwaring] also had its premiere at Oxford, in the Holywell Music Rooms on 17th November 1972, with the tenor Philip Cave.  The seven poems are variously poignant and riotously outrageous and occasionally invoke the Somerset area around Wells in which Steve and I grew up.

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