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Cornucopia_NoteThis score is published by Oxford University Press and is available from the ABRSM online store and other music outlets.  Please click on the ‘ABRSM’ button below to be taken to their website for further information.

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Programme Notes

1   Seasonal Songs
Whether the weather (Anon.)
Cows (James Reeves)
The Irish pig ‘Twas an evening in November’ (Anon.)
Winter morning (Ogden Nash)

2   Sadder Songs
The paint box (E. V. Rieu)
Weep you no more, sad fountains (Anon.)
Lone dog (Irene McLeod)
Sensitive, Seldom and Sad (Mervyn Peake)

3   Sillier Songs
The ship of Rio (de la Mare)
The modern Hiawatha ‘When he killed the Mudjokivis’ (Anon.)
I’ve had this shirt (Michael Rosen)
Granny (Spike Milligan)

Cornucopia (1997) is an easy work in three sections plus a coda, for upper voices and chamber orchestral accompaniment, but can also be performed with piano alone.  It is suitable for upper-voice choirs of all ages; the music sometimes divides into two parts, and there is simple canonic writing in at least two of the numbers.

The twelve songs can be sung in many different ways: in the printed order (as a complete work), separately or as a selection sung in any order you like.  Six of the songs have rather long instrumental codas which could be omitted if the songs are performed separately.   Directions for these cuts are given in the Composer’s Note at the back of the score.

Ronald Corp