Ronald Corp

Conductor & Composer

British Light Music Classics British Light Music Classics

New London Orchestra

Ronald Corp, Conductor

1     Calling all workers,  Eric Coates

2     The Haunted Ballroom,  Geoffrey Toye
3     Vanity Fair,  Anthony Collins
4     Jumping Bean,  Robert Farnon
5     Destiny,  Sydney Baynes
6     The Boulevardier,  Frederic Curzon
7     Pas de quatre,  Wilhelm Meyer Lutz
8     The Watermill,  Ronald Binge – with Ruth Scott (oboe)
9     The Devil’s Galop,  Charles Williams
10   Dusk (from Fancy Dress),  Cecil Armstrong Gibbs
11   Puffin’ Billy,  Edward White
12   Bells across the meadows,  Albert W Ketèlbey
13   The Old Clockmaker,  Charles Williams
14   Dreaming,  Archibald Joyce
15   Elizabethan Serenade,  Ronald Binge
16   Coronation Scot,  Vivian Ellis
17   Nights of gladness,  Charles Ancliffe

Hyperion: CDA66868
Released: May, 1996
Duration: 76′ 31″

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British Light Music Classics Vol. 1

Contains the signature tunes of Music While You Work, The Secret Garden, Dick Barton – Special Agent, Children’s Favourites, Jennings at School and Paul Temple detective series





‘…the cult hit of the year…it shows an expertise revealed by a marvellous recording and loving performances by the New London Orchestra under Ronald Corp…’  Stephen Pettit

British Light Music Classics 1Volume 2

1     Knightsbridge (from London Suite),  Eric Coates
2     Bal masqué (from Two Parisian Sketches),  Percy Fletcher
3     The Grasshopper’s Dance,  Ernest Bucalossi
4     Barwick Green (from My Native Heath),  Arthur Wood
5     Rouge et noir,  Fred Hartley
6     The Peanut Polka,  Robert Farnon
7     Carriage and Pair,  Benjamin Frankel
8     The Horse Guards, Whitehall (from London Landmarks),  Haydn Wood
9     March (Little Suite),  Trevor Duncan & Leonard Charles Trebilcock
10   Sailing by,  Ronald Binge
11   Portuguese Party,  Gilbert Vinter
12   Beachcomber,  Clive Richardson
13   In the shadows,  Herman Finck
14   Tabarinage,  Robert Docker
15   Sanctuary of the heart ‘Méditation religieuse’,  Albert W Ketèlbey
16   The Westminster Waltz,  Robert Farnon
17   Carissima,  Sir Edward Elgar
18   Girls in grey,  Charles Williams
19   The Runaway Rocking-Horse,  Edward White
20   March of the Bowmen (from Robin Hood Suite),  Frederic Curzon

Hyperion: CDA66968
Released: March, 1997
Duration: 75′ 50″

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British Light Music Classics Vol. 2

Contains the signature tunes of In Town Tonight (both Coates and Farnon), The Archers, Down Your Way, Dr. Finlay’s Casebook and Television Newsreel


British Light Music Classics 2Volume 3

1     Montmartre (from Paris),  Haydn Wood
2     Melody on the move,  Clive Richardson arr. Ronald Hanmer
3     In party mood,  Jack Strachey
4     The girl from Corsica,  Trevor Duncan & Leonard Charles Trebilcock
5     Soldiers in the park ‘Oh, listen to the band’ (from The Runaway Girl),
LionelMonckton arr. Carl Kiefert
6     Valse septembre,  Felix Godin & Henry Albert Brown arr. Adolf Lotter
7     Miss Melanie,  Ronald Binge
8     Pink Lady Waltz,  Ivan Caryll arr. Henry Marcellus Higgs
9     Portrait of a flirt,  Robert Farnon
10   Siciliano,  Harry Dexter
11   In a Persian market,  Albert W Ketèlbey (with New London Light Opera
12   Theatreland,  Jack Strachey arr. Don Bowden
13   Songe d’Automne,  Archibald Joyce
14   Alpine Pastures,  Vivian Ellis arr. Sidney Torch
15   Little Serenade,  Ernest Tomlinson
16   Woodland Revel,  George Melachrino
17   Lady of Spain,  Tolchard Evans arr. Fred Hartley & Ken Warner
18   Smiles, then kisses  [4’26]  Charles Ancliffe
19   On a Spring note,  Sidney Torch
20   Music everywhere ‘Rediffusion March’,  Eric Coates

Hyperion: CDA67148
Released: March, 2000
Duration: 77′ 21″

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British Light Music Classics Vol. 3

Contains the signature tunes of Housewives’ Choice and My Word


‘Like its predecessors, this disc contains pieces that to listeners in their forties will be like mother’s milk …Perfection of a kind is what light music classics are all about.  Clive Richardson’s Melody on the Move, Trevor Duncan’s The Girl From Corsica, Ronald Binge’s Miss Melanie – these are exquisitely constructed miniatures, hauntingly melodic, magically if obviously orchestrated, with a sweet emotional charge that high seriousness can only allude to.  Cavil apart, Corp’s performances are sumptuous.’  Paul Driver, Sunday Times

British Light Music Classics 3Volume 4

1    Marching Strings,  Marshall Ross & Ray Martin
2    Jaunting Car (from Ring of Kerry),  Peter Hope
3    High Heels,  Trevor Duncan & Leonard Charles Trebilcock
4    Dance of an ostracized imp,  Frederic Curzon
5    Keltic Lament (from A Keltic Suite), John Foulds with Michal Kaznowski (cello)
6    Rhythm on rails,  Charles Williams
7    By the sleepy lagoon,  Eric Coates
8    Jamaican Rumba,  Arthur Benjamin
9    In a monastery garden,  Albert W Ketèlbey
10  A quiet stroll,  Charles Williams
11  Demoiselle chic (from Two Parisian Sketches),  Percy Fletcher
12  Cavalcade of youth,  Jack Beaver
13  Elizabethan Masque,  Fredric Bayco with Ruth Scott (oboe)
14  Shepherd Fennel’s Dance,  Henry Balfour Gardiner
15  Thrills,  Charles Ancliffe
16  The Doge’s March (from The Merchant of Venice), Frederick Rosse
Petite suite de concert, Op. 77  Samuel Coleridge-Taylor:
17  Movement 1: La caprice de Nanette
18  Movement 2: Demande et réponse
19  Movement 3: Un sonnet d’amour
20  Movement 4: La tarantelle frétillante

Hyperion: CDA67400
Released: April, 2002
Duration: 75′ 48″

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British Light Music Classics Vol. 4

Contains the signature tunes of Top of the Form, BBC Morning Music, Desert Island Discs, BBC Farming and The Barlows of Beddington



‘The mixture is as before – lots of well-known melodies, the titles and composers of which we all have trouble remembering, except perhaps for Eric Coates’ By the Sleepy Lagoon (forever associated with Desert Island Discs).’  Demande et Réponse

British Light Music Classics 4

The British Light Music Classics Series

Boxed set of all four Volumes

Hyperion: CDS44261/4
Released: October, 2006
Duration: 305′ 30″

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