Ronald Corp

Conductor & Composer

Break, break, break

Listen to excerpts sung by Mark Stone:

Programme Notes

I started composing before I could really read or write music, and my very first songs were composed for myself to sing to my own accompaniment in the privacy of the family front room, where the upright piano stood.  Once I had mastered the piano, some time after the age of ten, composing became an obsession, and as a teenager I wrote a great deal of music, most of which I destroyed.  I did, however, keep one song composed in 1966: a setting of Tennyson’s ‘Break, break, break’.  Something about the musical refrain that ends each verse haunted my musical memory, and when I gathered together manuscripts to be consigned to the flames, I could not throw this song away.  It received its first public performance at the Wigmore Hall, sung by the tenor Mark Wilde, in 2007.

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